Traveling Post COVID? Here’s What You Need

Traveling Post COVID? Here’s What You Need

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Vacations have been on top of the “need ASAP” list for the past two years. Have an upcoming trip? Be it an international or domestic vacation, there are some essentials that you must carry with you. The world has just started to recover from the CoVID19 pandemic, here's a curated travel packing guide you must have. We’ve narrowed it down from your important travel documents to even the last minute toiletries that you may require!


Travel Essentials:

While travelling make sure that you have your essential travel documents, prior to the pandemic our passport, visa and ID card were the most essential documents required. Post the pandemic our vaccination certificates are a must! Most destinations require a valid vaccination certificate for travel. 

COVID Safety Essentials:

The coronavirus has affected the world drastically. You must carry CoVID safety essentials for your upcoming vacation. Make sure to pack your extra face masks, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, a personal water bottle and gloves. 

Make sure to carry these essentials to tackle the pandemic and also have a good time.

Clothing Checklist:

Packing unnecessary clothes is a common mistake we all make. Here’s how you pack smart for your trip. Make sure you check the temperature and climate of your destination prior to packing your bag, you can’t be wearing a winter coat on the beach! Pack essential clothing items keeping in mind, the temperature of the destination, the duration of your stay and your luggage weight.

Toiletries Checklist:

Pay extra attention to your toiletries checklist while travelling. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your important bath products at home and having to find them in a foreign land. Make sure to pack all your toiletries including contact lens essentials, moisturisers and sun protection creams.


A med kit is a “must have” while on a vacation. While travelling, keep in mind to carry your essential vitamins, band-aids, medications for a sting/bite. You may require these during your journey. 

We hope you find this helpful. Happy Vacationing!