Have you taken a step back to see how YOU are doing? Are you busier than ever? Are you taking time to take care of yourself? Maybe you desperately need self-care, but you’re not sure on how making it happen. Self-care should not be like an escape from your life. Your self-care should be a part of your lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can practise self-care:

Spend time with your loved ones:

Take some time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your friends and family. Just a simple meal with your loved ones can change your entire mood. Carve out time for your friends and family, spend time doing the things you enjoy with them. Spending more time with your friends is beneficial to your mental wellbeing. 

Implementing Social Media Limits:

Use of excessive social media can have a negative impact on your mental wellbeing. Maintain boundaries and limit yourself from spending too much time on social media. Avoid social media an hour before going to bed. Avoid following brands or pages that post negative content.

Prioritising sleep, health and healthy food:

Make sure you have a healthy and regular sleeping pattern, avoid sleeping late at night. Make sure you’re prioritising your health by having nutritious foods and drinking adequate amounts of water. Make sure to include vitamins in your diet and include adequate fiber in your food.

Helping Others:

The final self-care activity for uncertain times is to focus on helping others. Why? Because generosity has been linked to higher levels of happiness. A simple gesture towards a person goes a long way, helping others doesn’t particularly mean spending money. A simple act of generosity could help someone. Helping a friend, cooking a meal for someone special, starting a podcast to support other people, helping animals. 

Practising self-care can make you feel connected to yourself and the world around you. You’re more in control of your thoughts. Self-care is a lifestyle and not just a “to do” thing on your list.