Crafted for the Chic in You - Classic Tote Bag

Crafted for the Chic in You - Classic Tote Bag

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Be it for a meeting or a fancy lunch, our Classic Tote Bag is an accessory you absolutely need. The perfect bag for women on the go, a bag crafted for the fabulous you letting you be your stylish self. Carry all your essentials for your daily commute in our fashionable yet functional Tote Bag.


Fit it all, all your daily essentials you require with utmost ease. Who doesn’t love a bag that can store it all? Simple yet sophisticated, this Tote Bag fits in your world and surely makes a statement.

Shades of Elegant

The Classic Tote comes in three gorgeous colors: wine, tan and salmon pink. The salmon pink shade is one of the most popular shades lately and this tote bag has an added feature of having a beautiful texture that will ensure you walk outside looking like a diva.

Crafted For You

The perfect Tote that says all about you. Created with love, embossed in gold with your initials, this bag is definitely an eye catcher. This personalized tote will be your new obsession and everyday partner.



Lightweight and sturdy, this bag is extremely versatile to tote just about anywhere. Chic and compact to carry with confidence. Our classic tote is structured, effortlessly easy and stylish. 

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