Top 20 travel bloggers in India for you to follow!

Top 20 travel bloggers in India for you to follow!

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It’s not a usual scenario where you come across people who choose to quit their corporate jobs to follow their dreams. Most people might say ‘this only happens in the movies’. Believe it or not, there are people all around the world who have chosen to travel the untrodden path to do what they really love. Among them are these top 20 Indian travel bloggers who have made a career out of being on a permanent or partial vacation!


  • Bruised Passports - @bruisedpassports
    Bruised Passports, a handle operated by the famous travel couple, Savi & Vid, isn’t just about travel. Their blog & stories talk a lot about how one should design the life of their dreams with passion & hard work. The couple has traveled to over 80 countries together & they don’t seem to stop chasing true happiness anytime soon! Visit their website now:


  • Felizland - @larissa_wlc
    These best friends duo turned business partners are all about art, fashion, travel, books & everything creative under the sun. Larissa & Shraddha curate the most quirky items like wall art, stamps, planners, decor, mugs & a lot more, that are available on their website! That’s not all, you can also purchase presets from them! Visit their website now:


  • The Shooting Star - @shivya
    High on the nomadic lifestyle & experiencing different colors of the world, Shivya is among the favorites of all travel buffs! Her travel blog ‘The Shooting Star’ has grabbed the attention of many as she shares her story through it. Visit her website now:


  • Travel See Write - @travelseewrite
    In search of untold human stories, Archana Singh, loves to explore the offbeat path around the world. Travel See Write is a great blog for those planning to travel solo & explore something new. Visit her website now:


  • Sandeepa & Chetan - @sandeepachetan
    With no bucket list put on their refrigerator, this couple tells you how slow travel is the best decision you’ll ever make! They hardly plan their trips and love leaving everything to serendipity. Visit their website now:
  • Wandering Kamya - @wanderingkamya
    A ‘digital nomad’ as she claims to be, Kamya is a soul you would wish to meet on your trips! Her aim is to portray real life, as opposed to an idealized version of it. From travel advice & personal introspection to stories from around the world, experience it all with Kamya! Visit her website now:


  • A Soul Window - @asoulwindow
    Abhinav is a true epitome of the quote- ‘sooner or later, life brings you exactly where you are meant to be’. After being fired from his job for ‘traveling too much’, Abhinav chose to make his passion, his dream job! Check out his story on his page. Visit his website now:


  • Voyager For Life - @voyager_for_life
    Renuka often travels alone and believes in the power of travel & exploration. Known for her writing & photography, Renuka loves to meet new people & try exotic cuisines. Find out more on her blog! Visit her website now:


  • Radically Ever After - @radicallyeverafter
    A yoga teacher, traveler, writer & artist, Namita Kulkarni is all about adventures & misadventures. She is always up for something new & enjoys her solo trips the most. Visit her website now:


  • The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales - @neelimav
    Neelima Vallangi, an itinerant travel writer & a photographer, takes you through her journey of shifting from a corporate job to a full-time traveler. She is totally a mountain person & not surprisingly, loves hiking! Vis her website now:


  • - @himadri
    This is a niche organization that helps in curating corporate tours. The best part is that the organization is run by women & for women! Visit their website now:


  • Travel Shoebum - @shubham.mansingka
    A professional travel writer & consultant, Shubham Mansingka, believes in sustainable & responsible tourism. Check out his blog to know what traveling differently feels like! Visit his website now:


  • Thrilling Travel - @amibhat
    Ami Bhat, a travel bug who believes that no immigration stamps & tick-offs on bucket-lists can define her love for traveling! She is super friendly & you can reach out to her anytime on her social media handles. Visit her website now:


  • Different Doors - @differentdoors
    As their bio reads- ‘advertising professionals by day, amateur chefs & professional travel bloggers by night’, this blogger couple has something unique to share. They are focused on finding new ways of discovering even the most popular & mainstream locations around the world! Visit their website now:


  • The tales of a traveler - @swati_n_sam
    The tales of a traveler is one of the top luxury travel & lifestyle blogs in India. The couple aspires to inspire people to step out & explore the world. Visit her website now:


  • Gypsy Couple - @_gypsycouple
    Can you believe it? This couple had an arranged marriage & now they bond over their passion for traveling! The couple loves to visit places as tourists, stay as locals and leave as prodigal sons with the hope of returning back! Visit their website now:


  • Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay - @imvoyager18
    Leaving the comfort of their fat paychecks, this blogger couple has paved their own path through the journey. They have traveled across the length & breadth of India as well as over 15 countries around the world. Visit their website now:


  • The Urge To Wander - @theurgetowander
    A believer of the phrase, ‘life begins when you are ready to let it’, this travel blogger erases all the rules in this business. She has started her travel journey late but certainly, age is just a number for her. Visit her blog now:


  • Ajay Sood - @travelure
    Ajay Sood is a travel photographer by profession & passion. His Instagram feed is filled with an array of incredible landscapes, people, streets & architectures. The blogger has covered most of the continents during his travel! Visit his website now:


  • Sid The Wanderer - @siddharthajoshi
    The Wanderer is one of India's top Travel and Living Blogs, with travelogues, travel tips, photography tips, travel product reviews and also a few travel videos. Follow Siddhartha Joshi to know more! Visit his website now:


Travel blogging in India is evolving at a rapid pace. It has made itinerary planning for others seem like a rather easy task with reliable & in-depth insights by bloggers. If you are an avid traveler & love to experience places around the world in a not-so-cliché manner, follow these awesome travel bloggers today!


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