Productive Things to do during a lockdown

Productive Things to do during a lockdown


The entire world is dealing with the global pandemic of Coronavirus in their own ways. From self- isolations to government-imposed lockdowns for the safety of its people, the world is taking a break from the usual routine. And thus, you are left with a lot of time at home! So how do you use it productively?

Learn a Language -
Remember all those times you said you'd learn an Indian language or any foreign language but just couldn't find a spare minute? Here's your chance. With a wide selection of YouTube videos and online tutorials at your disposal, why not use this time to learn a new language and ace it

Organize your wardrobe -
Most of us have at least one dress that we know we'll never wear again or a pair of jeans that just don't fit the way they used to. It's time to declutter your wardrobe and get rid of those old ones that no longer see the light of the day. Either pass them onto friends and family or donate them to someone in need.

Update your professional accounts -
Before lockdown, the idea of updating your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile might not have been very high up on your priority list. Rather than putting it off any longer, why not give all of your professional documents and accounts a total makeover? Use this present period to work towards an even brighter future.

Write a Blog -
You can never go wrong with writing a blog. Whether you're using it as an online writing portfolio, a space to share your passions or as an opportunity to try something new, it's time to get those creative juices flowing.

Learn or Do gardening -
Sick of spending all your time indoors? If
you’re lucky enough to have a garden or even just a balcony, this is a perfect time to build your liking for gardening/planting. Take advantage of this situation and plant some homely /organic veggies easy to grow small plants are coriander, chilies, pulses, garlic/onion and even
spring onions.

Get Fit -
Missing the gym? Working out at home can be just as beneficial for both your mind and body. Why not try out different types of workouts over the course of the next few weeks and find that workout that really works for you.

Work on your Hobby -
So, this is the right time to work on your hobby. Let your creativity do wonders and share the result
with your family and friends. Don’t forget to keep your passion alive post quarantine.

Cook Up A Storm In The Kitchen
Self-isolating has unfortunately made it difficult for us to eat out at our favorite restaurant, and with talk of a lockdown, we might not be able to get food delivered to us either. This means now is

the perfect time to broaden our culinary skills by practicing some healthy recipes! Post cooking, make sure you clean the mess as well.

Tune into #TheMessyQuarantine Live Sessions
The Messy Corner has started a series of LIVE sessions on their Instagram Handle. From learning how to make your own dream catcher from the things available at home to learning the art of marble painting and eco printing. Bartending skills, Mentalism, Self Defence techniques, Table styling, and signature analysis are few of the other sessions covered by them. Do tune into their LIVE sessions to learn something new.

Maintain a positive attitude!
Last but not least, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude, avoiding all the rumors and posts of hatred, focusing on the here and now, and what motivates you to keep moving forward in your day-to-day life. This is sure to be a complex period, but these are the challenges that define us as people, so take heart and keep moving onwards!

So, go ahead of you amazing people out there, try all these productive little tips and tricks during this lockdown to gain more knowledge, and try all the things you always wanted to. Now is the time