Embrace Spring with Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Embrace Spring with Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring is here, and anybody traveling to Japan in the springtime is surely going to experience one of the most exceptional natural event of the year. In the seasonal calendar ‘Hanami’, also known as ‘Flower Viewing’, is the annual Japanese custom of enjoying the blooming of flowers, after winters. While Hanami specifically refers to the blooming of Cherry Blossoms, these flowers are also known as ‘Sakura’ in Japanese; they one of the most iconic flowers of Japan. To witness this magical event, many nature’s enthusiast across the globe plan their trip accordingly. And if you are lucky enough to be in Japan during the cherry blossom season, then you definitely have a reason to make your friends envious.

In Buddhism, it is mentioned that, the lifespan of the sakura is short and unexpected, similar to the nature of life. Infact, the Samurais in Japan believe that their lives' could be as cut short, much like the sakura, at any moment. If one notice closely, these beautiful flowers are depicted in nearly every object in Japanese life, from their-

kimonos (Japanese gown):


To their art work paintings:


And on their ceramics too:

Now an iconic symbol of Japan, the cherry blossoms is widely appreciated by all those who visit Japan during this season.


How Cherry Blossoms Are Celebrated in Japan

Today, people in Japan wait for this season and make get-togethers a key component of cherry blossom viewing. They drink, eat, sing and dance on traditional Japanese songs, making the tradition of blossom-viewing more like a picnic under the trees; something which is an age old tradition too. You won’t be surprised to see lot of people getting home-cooked meals, make barbecue, or even buy take-away food to mark the occasion. As thousands of people flock to parks, securing the nicer and convenient places for their picnic spot, spending time at such public spaces actually becomes competitive. In fact many people leave from their house early in the morning or even a day in advance to grab their space. However, If you do not like the crowd at one blossom viewing, you can easily go to a neighbourhood park, garden, or other quiet place to view the blossoms instead (below we are sharing the list of such exclusive places for your reference)

6 Places to See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan This Spring, Minus the Crowds

Along with visitors from other countries and beyond, a mass of people travel within Japan to witness their favourite cherry blossom sites. In fact, these popular spots can be so crowded that at times the chaos takes away the interest of viewing this scenic view. With that in mind, we would like to refer some less crowded spots to view these beautiful blooms. They are:-
Monzen-Nakacho Canal in Tokyo
The Takano-gawa River in Kyoto
Shoujiji Temple in Kyoto
Shoseien Gardens in Kyoto
Denpoin Garden in Tokyo
Sumida River Park in Tokyo

Also to ensure you don’t miss the cherry blossoms in Japan, here’s a look at the cherry blossom schedule and blooming time in different cities:

Okinawa: Mid January to Early February

Kyoto: Late March to Early April

Osaka: Late March to Early April

Tokyo: Late March to Early April

Aomori: Late April to Early May

Sapporo: Early May


A must-attend event!

No nation in the world celebrates the opening acts of spring with such excitement and frivolity. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a great way to refine your photography skills, get snap-happy and practice your macro photography with some lovely close-up shots of the blossom. So, whether you head to Japan in early March or in late May you will find gorgeous pink Cherry Trees in bloom. With no set itinerary or events line-up you can chose to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival however you like, whenever you like; provided the blossom is in bloom, there is a cause for celebration.


Here are a few images which will make you pack your bags and leave!