Chic Ways to Carry Stella Cross-body Bag

Chic Ways to Carry Stella Cross-body Bag

There are tons of awesome ways to wear Crossbody bags and with spring/summer coming up, it is sure to become your new go-to item! Crossbody bags is one such accessory which will never be out of fashion and to compliment your style we have introduced one for you. The Messy Corner’s Stella – Crossbody Bag; trust us, you will fall in love with them because they're such a great complement to any outfit. A perfect blend of ‘style’ and ‘class’; Stella also boasts about being functional and equally fashionable. Roomy sections and long strap to provide day-to-day ease, with adjustable top handle, this definitely ensures that it’ll look great in any outfit. Finding a perfect Crossbody bag is not difficult but what counts is the way you carry them. Deciding on how to wear a Crossbody bag is a bit trickier and with the below mentioned ways, you'll always look fashionable!


As a Sling -

Sling or Cross-Body has always been every women’s fave and most of them prefer to carry the bag like this, due to its easy manageability and cool style. The best part is, you can always held this bag with western or Indo western attire, wherein the sling bag hanging over your shoulder with a neat hairdo – Can you feel the glam!?

As a Handbag -

Isn’t that amazing to carry a bag like this with any outfit! So basically, you just have to stand tall, walk with pride and hold this beauty in your hand. This style will make your appearance look more beautiful and presentable, of course all thanks to Stella.


Around the Wrist

One more favorite of all the girls out there, this manner of carrying Stella, will show off the specifics of the bag. Signalling it with your personal style and class; with a bit of flamboyance, and you will definitely turn a lot of heads. Try it!

Any suggestions or more options? In case if any, do let us know in the comment section.