10 places in India that will redefine your snowfall experience

10 places in India that will redefine your snowfall experience

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Winter in India is a beautiful affair. It is an exciting blend of chilly winds, nail-biting cold, and walking out in the sun; all of which when combined it certainly adds a unique flavour to the season. But not all destinations are special during this season. In India there few destination which are blessed more than the others and - these are those destinations which offer a truly unique winter experience. So to help you plan your perfect winter holiday, we shed some light on these truly awesome places in India that offer a splendid experience in winters and are worth every penny you spend on the visit. Have a look!


Shimla -

Shimla is a fun destination which is approximately located at a distance of 380km from Delhi. Winter sets in the mid of December and its popular spot for vacationers as well as married couples. This snow covered region is also famous for the local handicraft products, woollens clothes, hand-made jewellery and woven carpets.


Pahalgam -

Pahalgam is another quite destination which is located at a height of 8,957 feet above sea level. Winters are splendid with snow covered peaks and peaceful atmosphere surrounding it. Some nearby tourist spots include the Sheshnag Lake, Baisaran and the Mamkeshwar temple Pahalgam is also one of the famous and most visited spot during winter vacations, all thanks to the snow fall and beautiful locales.


Manali -

Located at a distance of 270 km from Shimla, winters in Manali are pretty cold and snowfall is seen from the month of December to February. It’s positioned in the Beas River Valley and is at an altitude of 2,050 m above sea level. Skiing and ice skating are the popular winter sports here and you have tourists flocking here from all parts of the country.


Gulmarg -

Here winter starts in the month of December but the peak season is mostly the months of January and February. Situated in Srinagar this place is famous for Skiing and has the most popular cable car known as Gondola. The annual winter games is held here and some other prime tourist destinations nearby include the Alpathar Lake and the Tangmarg.

Auli -

Situated in the Garhwal Himalayan range, Auli is famous for the high snow covered peaks which is apt for skiing. You have both beginners as well as experienced skiers trying out their skills at this location. These ranges are approximately 2000 to 3000 meters high and during the peak winter temperatures can dip down to -5 degrees. Now that’s like - WOW!


Narkanda -

This is another popular tourist destination and is approximately 64km away from Shimla. This snow peaked mountains has skiing events commence in the month of January and the famous Hatu peak about 10,827ft high is also open for hiking.


Munsiyari -


Munsiyari is a gorgeous destination to witness snowfall in the month of January.  Located on the shores of ‘Gori Ganga’ River, the place is visited by a lot of tourists these days, who come here to explore the untouched natural beauty of Uttarakhand.


Kufri -

A popular holiday destination situated in Himachal Pradesh, the city looks simply gorgeous when it snows here. It is located 20 km from the state capital Shimla on the National Highway No.22.  The place is surrounded by tall deodars and pines and the scenic landscape here is like icing on the cake. In short – a must visit!


Tawang -

Winter is the ideal time to visit Tawang in western Arunachal Pradesh. The setting of lofty peaks, covered in snow, looks more beautiful than the town itself. It houses Tawang Monastery which is world’s second largest after the Potala Palace in Lhasa. Besides Buddhist influence, destinations like Sela Pass, Bap Teng Kang Waterfall, and Gorichen Peak are worth a visit for their natural splendour.


Leh -

Sure, the far-flung region of Laddakh is hard to access in peak winters, but to bike all the way to Leh is a lifelong dream for most travelers. Laddakh is undeniably beautiful throughout the year and especially after snowfall. The Zanskar Valley has one of the best winter treks in India, not to forget the 75-km-long Chadar trek.


With keeping all the above destinations in mind, there are more other destinations too. These are just our picks. Well, the fact is, there's something magical about snow. The first flakes that fall before a rush of white that envelopes everything around you. The hot mug of coffee, which tastes even better during this time, is your best friend as the snow settles and makes you snuggle under the blankets.
So, if you love snow and want to experience it, make a point to head to these wonderful places in India. And don’t forget to share your favourite spot with us.