Pinterest-y Ideas For The Perfect V-Day Date

Pinterest-y Ideas For The Perfect V-Day Date

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Valentine's Day is around the corner and it is just the perfect excuse for you and your partner to have that overdue date of yours. Dinner and a movie have been like the classic date combo since time immemorial, but you might want to change that narrative a bit cozier and more special dates. Here’s a guide to all the Pinterest date ideas that will make your dates way more fun, cuter and memorable.

1) The ‘Cook-Together’ Date

Cooking dates are way more interesting than the name suggests. Right from going grocery shopping together to cooking up those yummy delicacies in the kitchen to gobbling them over a glass of sparkly wine at that cute little dinner set-up in the house, the whole process is just so exciting. It also allows the two of you to spend more quality time than you would, out at a restaurant or in the cinema.

2) The ‘Let's go Shopping' Date

Helping your partner pick that perfect date night outfit can be very amusing. A date where the both of you help each other pick outfits sounds like a fun thing to do because that way, you can maybe twin and win your valentine’s date or color coordinated for the kicks of it. After all, couples who shop together, stay together.

3) The ‘All Time Classic’ Date

The title of this date is a little self-explanatory. Yes, we are talking about a movie and dinner, but in a not-so-mainstream manner. Set up a cute little spot inside the house or the roof with candles, fairy lights, flowers and all things cozy. You could takeaway food from that Favorite restaurant of yours and play the rom-com that the two of you have been waiting for ages to watch together. Divinely cozy this date sounds, doesn’t it?

4)The ‘Long Drive’ date

You can never go wrong with a long drive because no matter the mood, there is nothing that a long drive with your favorite person cannot fix. Let that music do talk for your emotions and set a romantic tone for the date. Couple it up with your favorite chai/coffee place and you are all set for a romantic drive with the love of your life.