JOURNALING: The Best Way To Keep Tabs On Your Personal Growth

JOURNALING: The Best Way To Keep Tabs On Your Personal Growth

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There’s a lot that life puts one through and journaling everyday might seem like a mission impossible to many. For something as simple as picking up a pen and diary and writing down your daily doings, it's not something that many of us are accustomed to. But what if someone was to tell you that this one act can be life-changing? It could bring about changes that you never thought of. Here are some facts about journaling that might change your perception towards it, forever.

Stress Buster 

Studies have shown that writing about stress and emotions on a daily basis helps in calming one down and makes him/her more emotionally intelligent as well as self-aware.


Solution Bank

Keeping a record of your habits, acts like a great resource to refer back to when you’re trying to solve problems. Many a times, learning from your behavior in the past helps you tackle the situation at present.




It’s the best way to keep a track of your goals, aspirations, daily accomplishments as well as leisure activities. For someone who is a workaholic or someone who spends too much time binge watching Netflix, a journal acts as a bridge to strike the right balance between the two. Keeping a daily record on these habits will make sure that you're not wasting away too much time doing the similar activities.

Lifestyle planner

Everyone wishes to lead a healthy life and a journal would be your best companion as it will help you in recording the time you wake up at, the meals you eat, the workouts you do, your moods throughout the day and much more. Once you catch hold of this habit, there is no going back.

Savings bank

You can also jot down your daily expenses as well as savings. Keeping tabs on your expenditure will ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily and save for what's more important. It will also stop you from repeating mistakes that you might have, in the past. It’s a good way to manage your finances at a personal level.


Best Friend

Your journal will be your best friend at all times. It might not talk back to you, but it will listen to everything that you have to say and will keep all your secrets safe.