Insta-Worthy Restaurents in Mumbai

Insta-Worthy Restaurents in Mumbai

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Bid bye to Dalgona Coffee, Banana Bread and other food experiments, your Instagram feed is now in need of aesthetic, appealing restaurants and cafes, with a cool yet classy look to your Instagram. Here are some Insta-Worthy Cafes and restaurants in Mumbai you must try. 


Opa Kipos will make you feel like you’re in Santorini, with calming shades of white and blue, with floral creepers and exquisite furniture, this restaurant will definitely transport you to Greece. The amazing interiors are not the only eye-catching elements of this restaurant, but its authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Zorba dancing and plate smashing will definitely leave you wanting more. A touch of sophisticated and fun, Opa Kipos is definitely at the top of our list.


This new place in Bandra, is absolutely stunning. Donna Deli are reminiscent of cafes and bars found on Rome's streets. This restaurant boasts beautiful outdoor seating with charming accessories and opulent décor. The entire cafe is lit in a stylish and feminine manner. Their mouthwatering Neapolitan-style pizzas and homemade spaghetti are highly recommended.


Welcomed into Silly by a 65-year-old mango tree. Guests are led through a wonderful outside garden and into an unusual indoor part by a white and gray gravel pathway. This all-day dining resto bar has unexpected nooks and corners, such as a bookshelf that stealthily opens into the powder room. A restaurant that will definitely make your Instagram feed.


Bayroute is definitely one of the best places to try if you love Mediterranean food, The Bayroute Hummus is absolutely delicious and a must try. Giving you an authentic middle eastern vibe, Bayroute is definitely the epitome of Middle eastern dining. With the grandeur and classy decor, you will definitely find amazing Instagram-worthy pictures to take on Bayroute.


The Busride Studio created O Pedro to evoke Goa's art, architecture, and landscapes. Guests are met with a bright bar made of cane, wood, and glass that pays homage to traditional Goan bars. The majestic Portuguese beauty of Goa is reflected in the vaulted ceilings, old furnishings, and restrained colours. 


Mumbai consists of a variety of Instagram-worthy restaurants with vibrant hues, sleek lighting and much more. Which city do you want us to explore next? Comment below!