Pick that perfect gift for your Traveler friend!

Pick that perfect gift for your Traveler friend!

Choosing travel gifts for those who love to travel can be hard and picking the best travel accessories is no easier task. Here's a gift guide to get you started. If you know someone who would rather be traveling, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve pulled together a handful of some of the best, most fun, and completely essential travel gifts that your wanderlust friends will actually use on their adventures

1) Travel Wallet –

If your friend is a globetrotter, this Travel wallet holds it all. From boarding pass, currencies, passports, tickets and even coins, this is perfect for those who need a little extra organization for their travels.


2) Luggage Tag

In the hustle and bustle of a busy airport, traveling can be a stressful experience, especially rushing from A to B, security checks and during luggage checks. Not every luggage bag is unique, so make your friend’s job easier to locate his/her bags with personalized luggage tags.

3) Cord /Wire Organiser

Because earphones are a must for any traveler and to keep them in good shape while you travel, cord or wire organizers are a must. Your friend is definitely going to appreciate you for this.

4) Passport Cover

One document that you can't leave the country without is your passport. That being said, one can safely say that the passport is the most important document that you have and is your identity proof when you are on the foreign soil. In fact you can actually make the passport cover as unique as your loved one who will be travelling. In addition to it, you can get their name or initials inscribed and let them carry the same with style. Isn’t that cool!?

5) Pouches

One of the biggest challenges people face while traveling is trying to keep their little belongings organized. Ask your friend and the answer would be ‘Yes’. Carry all pouches is one such comfort essentials, which will help them to keep their important materials together.

6) Travel Journal –

Keeping a travel journal is the best way to preserve the unforgettable experiences of the trip. Indeed the best way to record globetrotting adventures, this gift will make your friend’s trip more exciting.

7) Scratch Map –

For the ones who like to cross things off the list. Avid travelers can scratch away each country around the globe. It’s perfect to mark off all of your travel destinations in a fun and a different way.

8) Travel Neck Pillow and Eye Mask –

Travel neck pillows and Eye masks are probably the most underrated travel accessory out there. They give you that much-needed comfort, relief and a little slice of relaxation during layovers and on packed flights. Gift this to your friend and let him/her Zzzz away! 

9) Bucket Bag

This bucket bag is perfect for day trips. Although it looks small in shape it is capable of carrying a lot of things very comfortably. This bag can carry anything from your wallet to your water sipper to your DSLR camera or any other thing and of course a happy smile on your friend’s face.

Well, that’s it for the best travel gifts you can give to your loved one. We think these are some best suitable gifts for people who travel or love traveling. We hope you found some unique gift ideas for that traveler friend. So what is your pick from the list?


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