Customized Passport Cover

Customized Passport Cover

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A passport is essentially a passbook with international travel details stamped alongside Visa permissions. To protect it, travelers use a  passport cover. A passport cover works like a book cover that protects it from any avoidable mutilation or spoilage.


People try chic fashion while traveling to international locations. But when it comes to passports, they have to make do with the same old black book. The Messy Corner's  customized passport covers help give a personal touch to it and make the passport look more elegant and stylish.


Easily removable, these  customized passport covers are made of synthetic leather. The passport cover can be customized as per user requirements for favorite color or design. It can be further customized by adding/ inscribing/embossing names/initials or motifs that signify the buyer's profession or even numbers/favorite slogans on the front cover. Depending on the quality, the prices vary.


As a travel accessory supplier,  The Messy Corner features a variety of stylish and colored  customized passport covers, standard size passport covers like  His/Her cover,  husband and wife cover, and much more. The company focuses on design and quality, supplying easy-to-carry products with personal touches per the user's choice.


Customers get to pick and choose color, design, motifs, names that personify them or the person they want to gift these covers to. The Messy Corner features personalized products primarily under Travel, Tech, Desk Essentials, Wallet & Bag,  Rakhi Edit, Accessories, and  Gift Hampers. Some of the top-selling products are as follows:


  • Personalized Couple Passport Cover: The classic couple edition passport cover is ideally suited for a high-flying husband-wife duo who likes to travel. Couples can make their own color choice along with names and numbers inscribed. These can be gifted to couples on their honeymoon travel abroad.


  • Exclusive Passport Cover – Backpacker: As the name suggests, this cover is for those who like to go on backpack trips abroad. Made from premium vegan leather, its quirky motif stands out. Personal names or numbers can be inscribed as required by the user. The single cover is elegant enough to be gifted to your backpacker friend.


  • Personalized Passport Cover - Set of 3: A set of 3 personalized passport covers is perfect for a small family of father, mother, and child with plans to travel. Perfect as a gift item, each synthetic leather passport cover can be customized with color and charm/motif of choice. Individual names can be inscribed on each passport. What's more? The Messy Cover also offers any additional customization.


  • Personalized Passport Cover - Dark Blue: This synthetic leather-made cover is one of the most sought-after items. Ideally suited for men, it can be customized as per individual choice for charms/motifs that can be added at any place as needed by the user. Perfect for personal or corporate gift items, personal names or numbers can be embossed as required by the user. This can be personalized even more with extra charges.


  • Personalized Passport Cover – Red: This cover made of synthetic leather is an ideal choice for today's travelers as travel accessory travelers who are minimalist yet seek both style and functionality. Thoughtfully designed, these passport covers can be customized as per the user's need, with charm/motif and name inscribed. Perfect as a gift item, additional customization is available at an extra cost.


  • Personalized Passport Cover - Dark Pink: These are best suited for solo women travelers and a great travel accessory to have. The synthetic leather passport cover is customizable with names, numbers, and multiple options for charm/motif. A great gift item, it can easily slip into pants or jacket pockets or even your handbag. Any extra customization comes at an additional charge.



  • Personalized Passport Cover - Travel & Chill: The stylish and handy passport cover made of synthetic leather is ideal for young travelers. Names in uppercase and numbers can be inscribed as required on the surface with charm positions predefined.


Based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra,  The Messy Corner was set up in 2015. It's a brainchild of the brother-sister duo, Aayush and Aanchal Poddar, who believe customers are supreme. They transformed their fondness for travel and lifestyle into a successful business venture.


All products are reasonably priced and available online. Shipping within India takes a maximum of 7-10 working days. The products go through rigorous quality checks so that they are ready to be gifted on any occasion. Interested buyers can quickly  get in touch with us to know more.