Custom Laptop Skins

Custom Laptop Skins

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Laptops are a necessary tool in our life. For years, we have been using them for hours daily. Seeing them daily can get dull. With skins/decals, you can make your laptop new again and make them interesting to see. Not only that, they provide an attractive aesthetic for us and other people to appreciate. Why have ordinary when you can have stylish designs on your laptops? Get high-quality, beautiful-looking  custom laptop skins from  The Messy Corner. Here are a few of our favourite  custom laptop skins

  1. Retro Stripes

Skins add a stylish element to your laptop. Retro Stripes look classy and elegant. People that prefer to keep it simple can go for this. Moreover, a lot of times we are a little careless with our laptops. The back panel gets scratched and loses its charm. Slap on the retro stripes covers from the messy corner to protect your laptop. 

  1. I Woof You

Express your love for canines with this fabulous-looking decal. The yellow background brightens up your laptop, and our favourite traveller four-legged animals add an overload of cuteness. Add positivity to your life with this cute decal. Dogs are always there to make our day better. They show what unconditional love is. Even when we rebuke them, they do not turn away from us. They are there for us. Show your love for dogs with this laptop skin.  Buy Now

  1. Probably on a Zoom Call


This quirky decal summarises our life ever since the pandemic took over the world. The decal uses the icons from the Zoom app to indicate that you are probably in a meeting. This doubles up as a ‘Do Not Disturb' sign as well. We go to Cafes and Libraries for peace and to get some work done, only to get disturbed by people. To avoid that, use this decal. Here’s the  link

  1. Rise and Slay


Ayn Rand once said, “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” We all have felt this sometime in our life. This sleek-looking decal is stylish, hip, and relaxed. Use this skin to spice up your laptop. Not just that, it will also go amazingly with your boss woman attitude. Rise, slay, and get this laptop skin from ‘the messy corner’.  Click here. 

  1. Tropical Summer


A tropical summer has a chill vibe. All we want to do is watch some movies, roll some spliffs, and chill with our friends. This decal is perfect for recreating this vibe. This cool, sleek-looking pineapple with a white background looks artistic and chic.  Buy now.

  1. Day by Day


Progress is made on the foundation of hard work every day. Step by step, hour by hour, we keep getting better. It is crucial to remind ourselves of this fact. This skin decal is here to do just that. Get this skin  now.

  1. Botanical Goodness


One of our favourites, this classic pattern never gets old. It’s pleasing to the eye and looks sophisticated. For a clean and inviting laptop skin, go for this one. You will never regret it. Click  here to buy. 

  1. Travel On My Mind


Jack London once said, “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time”. Most of us want to listen to the call of the wild, leave our worries, and travel as if there was no tomorrow. We believe that there’s a traveller in everyone. Whether it is realised or not is another matter. Get this decal if you feel that there’s a traveller in you. Unleashed or not, display your traveller side with this laptop skin.  Buy now

How to Apply Laptop Skin/Decal: 

Select from our collection of custom laptop skins and get delivered to your home. Now, follow these instructions to apply them perfectly:

  1. Take a soft cloth. For this, you can use microfibre cloths that we get with glasses. Clean the back panel thoroughly. 
  2. Place the laptop upside down so that it is easier to apply the skin. 
  3. Use a pen/pencil to trace the skin and mark it. 
  4. Cut out the portion you have marked. Place the skin on the back panel. 
  5. Peel the cover. This will unlock the adhesive and stick it onto the back panel. Be careful with it and ensure that no bubbles get formed. 
  6. You are done. Your laptop looks new and stylish now!


The Messy Corner brings to you the most carefully curated collection of  custom laptop skins you will ever see. We have got you covered on every vibe, from simple and clean-looking skins to chill tropical summer ones. All you have to do is scroll through our collection, select the vibe you want, and order it asap. Happy shopping! Click  here to visit our collection.