Based On Your Zodiac Sign - Here’s Where You Should Be Traveling

Based On Your Zodiac Sign - Here’s Where You Should Be Traveling

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Everyone has a different traveller personality and somewhere in this planet there is a place your stars support flawlessly with your individuality - the place where you can find freedom, silence, calm, adventure and solace for yourself. The place where you can be you and you can enjoy your life with your friend, family or even your partner. It can be stargazing at Himalayas, trekking or hiking in Himachal, Scuba diving in Andaman, Royal life of Rajasthan, house boat of Kerala or Sea shores of Goa. No issues if you are courageous or independent like Aries, a restless Gemini or perfectionist and conservative like Virgo, there must be destination align to you according to your Zodiac Signs. Hereby let’s check the Most Ideal Places to Travel in India Based on Zodiac Sign.


If you are born under this Zodiac sign, people would be mesmerized with your daring, romantic and lively attitude. Aries are not just observers but pioneers who make certain things happen. They love taking risks, enjoying new things and doing unusual activities. Watching thrilling sights make their days. So, people born under Aries sun sign should travel in India across the places like Leh-Ladakh, North-East, Himachal Pradesh and many others where adventurous activities can be enjoyed. 


If you are born under Taurus sun sign, people will know you for your fondness for food and relaxing attitude. Taur  eans love to get pampered on their vacations and don’t miss a chance to enjoy the local food and delicacies of a destination. Their behaviour makes them love luxuries, crazy for delicious food and enjoying beautiful scenic views. So, people born under Zodiac sign of Taurus love to visit a place where they get to enjoy all these things. Some places for this Zodiac sign to visit in India are Goa, Kerala and Kashmir. These places will help in finding up the artist in them. 



People born under Gemini Zodiac signs are outgoing in nature and enjoy travelling with their family and friends. They are the most flexible people on earth and pay attention to travel at places where excitement of the city life is there. They easily get familiar of the local traditions of new places. Gemini sun sign people get attracted to the places having rich culture. So, they should visit places like Ranthambore, Agra, Udaipur, Hampi, Odisha and Bikaner. 



People belonging to the sun sign of Cancer have special connection with harmony, relaxation and water. So, they love to go for a beach holiday. They can be a holiday partner for you if you are planning a vacation in Andaman, Goa, Kerala, Udaipur and Pondicherry. Cancerians allow you enjoying beautiful moments and a perfect beachside vacation with much fun and tranquillity. 



Leos love to explore lavish destinations and are attracted towards charming and luxurious surroundings. They visit places that are recognized for its interesting space and luxurious & sumptuous ambiance. Their artistic and heritage bent of mind allows them coming across places that are either connected with history or culture. Their favourite destination for enjoying vacation in India can be destinations like Khajuraho, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Hampi and Tirupati. 



People of Virgo Sun signs are known for their excellent travel planning and love to observe the world around them. They enjoy heritage, spirituality and wildlife. To attain spiritual peace and explore the unknown places, they can choose visit destinations in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan states of India. These places offer everything about true nature of Virgos. 



Being easygoing and fun, Librans turn into ideal companions to enjoy a fun-filled holiday trip. Their cool and composed persona allows them exploring new cultures and going for backpacking on holidays. Librans are considered to be really balanced but hate to be disturbed and doesn’t want anyone to enter into their private zones. They can visit places like Manali, Kerala, Matheran, Jaisalmer and Port Blair. 



Scorpios are open to everything and accept the fact their holiday is the ideal time for romance. This is the biggest reason that Scorpios often choose to book private villas or beach resort on an isolated beach. Being enthusiastic and thoughtful explorers, they love to explore diverse landscapes but always give preference to thoughtfully planned vacations. People of Scorpio sun signs can visit destinations like Kodaikanal, Mount Abu, Munnar, Goa and Matheran on vacation.



People born under zodiac sign Sagittarius are the most talkative people on earth. But when it comes to planning a trip, they don’t seek your interference and want everything to be planned carefully. They are born travellers and love to go on vacations full of adventures as well as relaxation. As a traveller, Sagittarius should explore Valley of Flowers, Kutch region of Gujarat and North East destinations like Pelling, Gangtok and Tawang. Activities like camping and trekking are their favourite. 



The most organized among the zodiac signs, Capricorns are little snob as well as knowledgeable. So, they like to travel to destinations where they may collect information to offer them. They prefer luxury hotels over budget stays and enjoy shopping on streets instead of visiting malls. They like to explore extraordinary places and prefer visiting Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat on vacations.



Aquarians love to go for leisure holiday when it comes to vacation. They want to spend their holidays in the lap of nature while relaxing. It’s not that they don’t prefer classic vacation but prefer to make their vacations exclusive and more beautiful. So, Aquarius can enjoy holidays while taking Ayurvedic spa in Kerala, doing meditation in Rishikesh and staying in houseboats of Srinagar. 



Calm by nature yet complicated in persona, Pisceans are the most caring and kindest people on earth. They love serenity and tranquility. So, there can visit places where utter calmness can be enjoyed. Some of the major destinations that Pisceans can explore on their vacations are Lakshadweep, Coorg, Alleppey and North-East region of India. 


So are you ready for your next trip?