10 Secret Santa gifts for your loved ones that they actually want secretly

10 Secret Santa gifts for your loved ones that they actually want secretly

We all have been obsessed with the idea of receiving gifts from dear old Santa at one point in our lives. We grow up in an instant but the inner child in us still longs to receive gifts from a beloved fictional character even today. Secret Santa is supposed to be fun, but except for the part where you’re stuck figuring out the perfect gift for a friend, family member or even a colleague. Well, you don’t need to worry, cause The Messy Corner is going to share a bunch of ideas which will definitely help you find something better than a gift card or flower.
So, this Christmas, let us become Secret Santa for our loved ones and leave them surprises at the stroke of midnight. 


Red Wine and Chocolates gift set:-


You can’t go wrong with an assortment of beautifully packaged Red wine and chocolates – in short ‘a luxury treat’. Rich and chocolaty this will indeed make a lovely Secret Santa gift for this year’s Christmas occasion.

Something for a future trip:-

A chic luggage tag and matching passport cover with card slot will get a lot of use, especially if you’re gifting someone who loves to go on trips. 


The key for fun:-


Make a statement with a variety of personalized keychains. Each one comes with a metal charm, which means a little bit of you can be carried everywhere. 


For a head start year:-


What better time than the end of the year to start planning for the next one? Here personalized Diaries are the best option for sure. Customized this with their name, this will surely help your friend to stay organised.

Festive Elegant Candles:- 


Everyone loves a good candle, but they're especially cozy during the cold winter months. This holiday season the most suitable to gift for someone is definitely warm and inviting candles. See to it that they are microwave safe.

Personalized Coffee Mug:-


A mug may not be the most original gift idea, but making it personal adds a thoughtful edge. Opt for a monogram mug with an intricate design that’ll stand out from the others. 

Plum Cakes:-


Even if you’re a Christian or not, chances are high that you’ll be also surprised with plum cakes. Evident on this occasion, plum cakes are indeed delicious, so nobody complains. Some people put rum in it too, which makes it super delicious.


Happy Plants for Happy Mood:-


Being stuck inside on a beautiful day is sad and frustrating, gift your dear ones small indoor plants which will bring a smile on their face. In addition to being nice to look at, indoor plants can improve concentration and boost your mood.


Personalized wallets for Women and Men:-


Now you cannot wrong with this option. A personalized wallet is a good Secret Santa gift for both men and women. So, help your friend opt for the sleeker, lighter way of paying for cash, well in style.


Grooming Products and Perfumes:-


If you know what brand the person prefers, gifting grooming products is a very nice idea. You can also make a random conversation and ask about their skin type to ensure you gift the correct products. Generally, perfumes, body sprays make for safer gifting options.


Win the festive fun with these Secret Santa gift ideas. Even if you’re not BFF’s with the person you drew, you can trust that they’ll love any gift from this list. So, these were some of the gifts that can be considered for gifting as a secret Santa. Hope you like the ideas, if you have anything else in mind, do let us know.