10 most Insta- Worthy Restaurants in Mumbai

10 most Insta- Worthy Restaurants in Mumbai

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We live in amusing gastronomical times – a world where if it hasn’t been “Instagrammed”, have you even eaten out? Mumbai is home to some of the most fascinating cafes with unique decor. Since we are all about those millennial goals, we’ve rounded up our favourite most Insta-friendly cafes in the city. #GetClicking


Grandmama's Cafe

Where: Juhu and Fort 

If you’ve been to any of Grandmama’s cafe outlets across the city, you’ll know how cute and adorable the decor is. The entire space has a very European aesthetic to it with Dutch windows, pastel flowers pots and quirky framed quotes. Almost like your grandma’s house, it is cosy, lively and serves the best mac n cheese in town.


Mockingbird Cafe

Where: Churchgate

Mockingbird Cafe Bar in Churchgate is one of our favourite cafes in the city. With its sweet decor, dim hanging lights, and a tiny library tucked away in the corner, it makes for the most insta-worthy images. If you are a book lover and love hot chocolate, make your way here and spend some quiet time by yourself.


Jamjar Diner

Where: Bandra & Versova

If we are talking about Insta-friendly cafes, we dare not miss out Jamjar diner. Both the outlets {Bandra & Versova} have a unique decor, with jukeboxes, and a delicious breakfast menu. Jamjar in Versova also has an outside area, with tiles and lights making it perfect during the evening to capture on your phones. Similarly, Jamjar in Bandra with its orange booths, and hand-painted glasses is perfect. And they have a gorgeous jukebox too.


The Bagel Shop

Where: Bandra, Carter Road.

The Bagel Shop is for you if you love bagels. It certainly is true to its name, given the range and variety of bagels on the menu! What strikes the most is the chilled out atmosphere. You can choose to read and work on your computer for hours in the outdoor seating. Or, walk indoors for a quick bite. The soup- (carrot n coriander) and the power salad are definitely a must try. 


Homemade Cafe

Where: Oshiwara

The Homemade Café in Oshiwara will transport you to Covent Gardens in London, and that’s saying something. Though the café is slightly on the expensive end and the food isn’t extraordinary, do go here for a chill brunch with your pals. We love it for its sweet décor, especially the exterior that belongs to any European street in summertime. Our tip? Make sure to capture the fairy lights from the café and they don’t need no filter.


Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

Where: Bandra

With Bandra itself being a really insta-friendly area in Mumbai with its cobbled streets and narrow lanes full of coloured houses, Birdsong café takes our heart away. The café has a very minimal look with exposed bricked walls and its wooden furniture, and that makes it really insta-friendly. Of course, if you get bored of the space, turn to the beautifully-plated dishes, and their hot chocolate.


Central Perk 7

Where: Kharghar 

A F.R.I.EN.D.S-themed café in Kharghar basically screams hashtags and filters. That’s right, Central Perk 7 houses the sitcom’s legendary orange couch and has posters of the characters hung on the wall. Want to recreate your own NYC dream? Kharghar isn’t far {or is it?}.



Where: Lower Parel

Think lights, hundreds of lights just hung from the ceilings that make for a rather cosy and dreamy frame. This Delhi-based restaurant opened up in Mumbai a while back and has established its Insta-worth – all you need is a camera, and an account that is ready for all the hashtags. Go here for dinners and on the weekends for the dancing and their delicious cocktails.


Bombay Canteen

Where: Lower Parel

The interiors of this 4000 sq.ft. space have been inspired by the heritage bungalows in erstwhile Bombay (yes, apparently there was a time that they existed). The stone walls, stained glass windows and tall ceilings lend the restaurant a sense of timelessness. Whether you decide to drop in during lunch or dinner, this bright space is always buzzing and is alive with enthusiastic diners and staff serving with a smile


Farzi Cafe

Where: Lower Parel

It’s located inside the Kamala Mills. The interior is of modern contemporary, very elegant and subtle. The theme of the restaurant is Molecular Gastronomy. 
As the name suggests, this place is only a name sake cafe. In every aspect it is a fine dining restaurant that turns into a cluv as the night goes on.
Each dish they serve is meticulously presented in a stylish way with great upbeat music in the back ground. Not only are the dishes served in the most unique and awe inspiring way, they also serve surprisingly delightful palate cleansers between courses so that you can truly enjoy the upcoming dish. They have a good range of drinks and cocktails to chose from and enhance your dining and wining experience with loved ones.