• Wanderlust Hamper
  • Wanderlust Hamper
  • Wanderlust Hamper

Wanderlust Hamper

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YOU SAVE ₹ 149.00 Rs.
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"Wanderlust is meant for those who love collecting uniquely curated finds. The Messy Corner’s – Wanderlust Hamper is perfect for those who believe in hassle free travelling, love for personalized accessories, and vouch for a well-traveled lifestyle. Perfect for every Globetrotter" 
Hamper includes

Passport cover
Luggage Tag 
Eyewear case

1) Material: Synthetic leather 
2) Passport cover can take upto 12 characters including space
3) Luggage tag can take upto 8 characters 
4) Eyewear case can take upto 3 initials 
5) No special characters can be embossed. Alphabets and numbers only.
6) Free Shipping In India
7) Delivery timeline: 7-8 working days 
7) Packed in a gift box
8) No charm on Luggage tag and Eyewear case 

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