Cool cafes to visit when travelling across India

Summer is finally here and so is the holiday season! Wherever you plan to go on your travels, we have a list of the best travel cafes or you can say ‘cool cafes’ in India. Often tucked away into nooks and crannies, these cafes are time capsules which often transport you to new dimensions!  So sit back with a book at the below mentioned spots, get carried away with along nature’s magnificence and warm your heart with a sip of your favorite ‘masala chai’ or ‘instant kaapee’ - that’s exactly how you like it, Right?


Glenary's, Darjeeling

Popularly known as Glenary's cake shop, it's a bakery and cafe housed in a double-storey white building that looks right out of the British era, on Nehru road. Not only is it the best bakery in Darjeeling, but the entire place also has a vintage touch to it and feels like time travel! Enjoy your morning breakfast with refreshing Darjeeling tea in this rustic cafe, which also offers visitors a little peek of the beautiful mountains and valley.


Cafe 1947, Manali

Situated on the banks of river Manalsu in Old Manali, Cafe 1947 gives a mystical feeling with live music, dim lights, and a rather calm ambiance. We suggest you try Italian food here. Although, if you swear by roti and daal, the North Indian cuisine is also worth a try. And while you're waiting for the food, don't forget to get your hands on the guitar, which you can find lying there. Could there be a cooler place?


Honey Hut, Shimla

Honey Hut is based on the unique concept of serving dishes prepared with honey. With an aim to promote health-benefits of honey, the restaurant was started in 2007 and has gained huge popularity ever since. So, if you are wandering on the Mall Road, and have a sweet tooth, you know where to go! The place is a true value for money, with the cost of two being around Rs. 500.


Nukkad tea cafe, Raipur

At this cafe in Raipur, the small capital city of Chhattisgarh, cups of hot tea and samosas come with communicating in sign language with hearing and speech impaired staff members, enjoying books, reciting poems amongst other activities. The cafe aims to not provide a unique dining experience but to also sensitize fully-abled people to the challenges of being a hearing or speech impaired person. The cafe also provides a discount to people who deposit their phones at the reception. “We want people to enjoy the experience without being hooked to their phones or chatting with people who are not actually present there. Instead, we want them to celebrate their time, have fun, read a book, talk to a stranger, and more,” says Priyank Patel, the owner.


Sakley's restaurant and pastry shop, Nainital

Sakley's in Nainital serves the best Chinese food, along with delicious pastries and other snacks. Their menu has everything from Indian, Thai, Continental, and Oriental cuisines served nicely in good quantity. You may find the food a little overpriced, but for the taste and variety, the place definitely deserves to be on your list!


Sheroes Hangout Cafe, Agra

The world comes to Agra to see the beautiful Taj Mahal, an enduring Wonder of the World. Just a lane apart is the Sheroes Hangout Cafe. The women who work at Sheroes Hangout are just like every other waitress, minus one detail: they’ve all lived through devastating assaults by men who threw acid at their faces. When the patrons of the cafe are not enjoying a cup of chai or curled up with a book, they can have a word with the strong women of the cafe and hear their stories. The cafe runs on a pay-as-you-wish concept and offers free Wifi. It has been drawing patrons from all parts of the world including celebrities who are moved by the resilient spirit of its staff and their heart-breaking stories.


Kalsang Friends Corner, Mussoorie

You might find this place a little crowded at first, but once you've settled in, you'll be glad you came here. The cafe not just offers a variety of finger-licking Thai, Tibetan, and Chinese food, but also a perfect ambiance to sit back and relax. The food is so delicious that you'll definitely want to come back on your next trip. And while you wait for the food, you can read the experiences of people that they've scribbled on the tables.


Shiva Cafe, McLeod Ganj

What's better than having a freshly-brewed cup of coffee? Having it in the hills while watching a magical waterfall right in front of your eyes. A trip to McLeod Ganj is incomplete without a visit to Shiva Cafe which lets you do just that. You'll have to trek for a few kilometers to reach this place, but once you're here, you'll know that it's totally worth it.


Cat Studio Cafe, Mumbai

Mumbai’s first and a one-of-its-kind, the Cat Cafe Studio in Mumbai doesn’t only serve up coffee and works as a community hub, but is also home to many rescued and rehabilitated cats. Customers can play and cuddle with the cats and also adopt one. The trio that manages the café organizes a lot of offline events with art exhibitions, open mic nights, theatre and bake sales where people can play with the cats and enjoy the show. Whatever they make, more than 12-15% of their profit goes in helping cats and dogs.


The Pup Dog Cafe Bengaluru

If cats can have a cafe of their own, why should dogs be far behind? Bengaluru’s first dog cafe serves treats for your furry friend and you. Catch a latte while cuddling with the in-house Cookie, or enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch with Bruno.  Apart from the human menu, The PUP also has a specialized Dog-food menu, carefully tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of the pooches, including chicken mutt-balls, healthy doggie platter, and Melon Pup-sicles. And if you happen to fall in love with one of the cuddly babies at the cafe, you’ll be encouraged to take one back home.

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